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Solar Design

& Installation

Nobody Else Compares to LMS's Stellar Solar Solutions

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We, at LMS Energy, strive to ensure that every project is completed with precision, on time and on budget!  From using top value components to managing installation teams and using custom solar systems – we have it covered!  LMS Energy can help you design and build a solar solution for your home or business to make you more independent and save you money on energy bills!

GRID Connected (Hybrid) vs Independent:  


As the names suggest, LMS Energy can help with either a grid connected or independent PV system.  However, considering limited sun hours in our area, the vast majority of systems we offer are grid connected.  In a grid connected system – you can still generate as much energy as weather conditions will allow, but have the peace of mind of being connected to the grid in case of potential shortage in energy generated or any system malfunction.  Even though this option is not 100% independent, it is the most logical for properties currently connected to a grid. However, in some cases, when customers wish to generate power in remote locations without having the ability to be connected to a grid – LMS Energy can offer an independent, 100% battery operated PV solar solution!

What We Do

Home Solar Inspection 


KEEP YOUR SOLAR PV SYSTEM RUNNING EFFICIENTLY FOR YEARS WITH OUR PROFESSIONAL INSPECTION.  Solar PV systems are an excellent investment for your home or business, but like any other technology – these systems need periodic maintenance service to ensure optimal performance.  Call LMS Energy to schedule a complete system checkup, including all electrical connections, inverters, disconnects, fuses, panels and breakers.

Solar Design


Located in the Midwest, our days in the sun are limited.  That is why, before considering investing into solar power – contact LMS Energy to schedule a detailed survey of your property to determine what PV system will work best for your environment – commercial or residential!

System Installation 


Once the optimal PV system has been selected, approved & all necessary material ordered & received -- LMS Energy’s team of installation professionals will carefully plan and implement the selected system into reality.  Whether the roof-mounted or free-standing system was selected – you can count on us to do the job right!

Solar Lighting


LMS Energy is proud to offer new generation solar lighting for commercial and residential applications.  From residential garage sconces to pole head fixtures – we can provide the right solution for you! Please call us today to find out more!

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