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Your #1 LED Lighting Provider!


Progressive thinking about ways to reduce overall energy consumption and passion for sustainable living inspired the development of the energy efficiency / LED Lighting
division at LMS.  We have an altruistic philosophy, always striving to create win-win scenarios in all solutions catered to clients.  We know that we are creating a symbiotic relationship with our customers by providing honest and by-partisan service.

Comprehensive LED Lighting Solutions for every commercial & industrial customer!

Retrofitting vs. New Fixtures?

Let us help you make the right decision based on your needs.  What is “retrofit” or “retrofitting”? It means using your existing system (in this case lighting system/housings) and swapping out the old technology/old incandescent, fluorescent or HID lamps with LED, by completely rewiring your fixtures.  When doing a retrofit, we can either provide a long-term solution by properly eliminating existing ballasts and wiring new lamps directly to power, or (to save money), -- we can provide LED product which is compatible with existing ballasts. However, if your existing lighting system is very old and/or damaged – or you simply want to change the existing design/look of your space and increase the light output – we will offer new fixture replacements for you!

Why Upgrade to LED?

SAVE anywhere from 50%-80% OFF your lighting costs and LOWER your daily overhead!

Practically ELIMINATE your maintenance costs associated with lighting (LEDs last up to 100,000 hours)!

Significantly improve QUALITY of Light & Workplace productivity. LEDs turn on INSTANTLY (without warm up time/delays), crisper/steadier light and do not have produce flickering!

Eliminate the RISK associated with fluorescent bulbs: 

Say NO to MERCURY and make your working environment SAFE by reducing stress, fatigue and headaches!


Why Choose LMS ENERGY?

Upgrading or Retrofitting to LED is an investment and should be carefully researched. When choosing a contractor, there are many factors to consider:

Budget:  Cheapest is NOT BEST – but maximizing savings within a set budget IS!

Product quality:  You get what you pay for – cheap contractors will provide you with sub-par lighting products and short life span.  Don’t make the same investment twice – LMS Energy can will get the job done right the first time and save you money in the process!

Contractor knowledge:  All electricians can do lighting but not all SPECIALIZE in it! Knowing the difference between product lines can help you choose the optimal solution for YOUR setting, without overpaying!

Contractor experience:  Lighting upgrade is a complicated, multi-stage process, requiring a high level of communication and execution. LMS Energy is continuing to demonstrate top-notch installation versatility in various real-time, heavy traffic environments – from medical & school institutions, to heavy manufacturing & multi-family/office buildings.

Customer Service:  Most contractors tend to stop caring when they get paid. LMS Energy has a stellar customer service reputation and take pride in accommodating our clients not only through the initial stages of the conversion process, but for years after the installation has been completed.  Unlike most of our competitors, you can contact us with any concerns and be sure that we will resolve it in a timely, reasonable fashion!

Who Benefits Most?

Parking Lot Pole Installation & Repair

Provide service to locate private and public underground wiring

Provide underground directional boring services

Installation of new light poles and new bases including cages, sonotubes and wiring

Removal & Replacement of damaged light poles

Troubleshooting: Tracing, Locating & Repairing underground faults (shorts & line breakage)


Shopping/Strip Malls (Inadequate or malfunctioning HID parking lot, neon or fluorescent storefront & interior lighting negatively impacts customer traffic & raises safety concerns. It also substantially increases the overhead due to maintenance costs and energy usage costs. By upgrading to LED, we can help address all these concerns by reducing energy spending, eliminating maintenance costs and, most importantly, increasing the visibility and customer traffic to the location and making it safe!


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