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Elegance & Protection for Your Property!

LMS has been designing, building and installing commercial & residential awnings for over 35 years in Wisconsin and Illinois.  We utilize the finest craftsmanship and our state-of-the-art aluminum framing using staple stitch fabric attachment produces smooth appearance without wrinkles.  Our team of experienced professionals utilizes the latest products, tools and technology available on the market today, resulting in fabrication of stunning awnings, as well as provide you with safe and timely installation.  Contact us today and we will handle the rest!

Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings are a great addition for your place of work, as they increase the value of your property and protect the safety of your valuables, employees and customers due to their weather protective qualities and decorative appeal.

Commercial Awnings protect your visitors from the sun and rain, make your business stand out and provide an array of important benefits such as executive parking, shaded walkways and much more.  Whether you’re choosing a specialty or traditional awning design – your business will thrive with these eye-catching accessories.

We offer architectural aluminum structure to business customers, due to its decorative appeal and ability to be fully customizable.

Benefits of Commercial Awnings:

  1. Create shaded walkways for your customers 

  2. Emphasize patio space by creating outdoor space that makes your property appear larger

  3. Protect furniture from fading

  4. Aluminum structures can be cleaned easily to maintain a beautiful look

  5. Reduce cooling costs

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Com Awning 2
Com Awning 1
Awning 1

Residential Awnings

Patio Awnings

An instant accent to your property! Terraces are a stylish addition for your patio. The durable fabric and sturdy hardware of terrace awnings are designed to last and create a private getaway in your home.

Awning 1.jpg

Windows & Door Awnings

These awnings are fully customizable from frame style to fabrication and can either be traditional or arched, covered in both fabric and aluminum, with decorative details or neutral/subtle options.  LMS only uses the highest quality materials to achieve highest quality shade and give your home the extra touch to stand out!

Benefits of Windows & Door Awnings:

  1. Increase the value of your property through aesthetic function and practical use

  2. Increase efficiency through saving on air conditioning in the summertime

  3. Natural ambiance brought by awnings provide a breezy outdoor patio and walkway 

  4. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and your property from extreme weather conditions

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