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Sign & Lighting Repair


Signs & Ligting Service

Sign & Lighting Repair Services

Have a sign that needs service? Let us help! Cost effective services are important for our clients and for that reason we, at LMS Signs, ensure that our charges for sign repair and installation services are competitive and lower than most competition in the industry.




Don't jeopardize the SAFETY of your customers


Call or TEXT LMS now at (414) 303-3535 and get our CHEAPEST RATE in TOWN!

Why Choose Us?

  • Receive great value for your money

  • Stay under budget and enjoy the savings

  • Make customers remember their experience with you

  • Generate repeat customers for the long term

Whether you want neon transformer replacement, LED retrofit, or simply get a bulb replaced, our professional team would provide you individual attention and high quality services.

What We Do

What We Do

LED Message Boards

We sell single and full color smart LED message boards for all purposes.   We have many different sizes and shapes available or we will custom build one for you!  Have your business stand out and dramatically increase traffic and exposure by installing one of units customized for your needs!


If you’re a retailer, you know that signage plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Your signs should both convey your brand and capture your customer’s curiosity enough to get them in the store! Our designers and craftsmen provide customized signage solutions by combining traditional products with the latest in LED technology to provide the impact necessary to drive your business home.


The importance of branding in the hospitality industry has never been greater, and your signage is a critical element in distinguishing and maintaining your brand. No one understands branding better than we do. Whether you’re looking for exterior on top of a 25 story hotel or 250 room identification sings, we take the time to understand your needs and create a consistent signage program that enhances your brand throughout your property.


The financial institutions market has become fiercely competitive as banks jockey for an increased share of loans and deposits. To remain at the top, each institution’s signage must effectively differentiate it from the competition while also reinforcing traditional banking values like strength and stability. Our team will work with you from design to installation to ensure your signage separates you from competitors, creating comprehensive solutions to address all your signage needs


Competition in the restaurant industry is intense, which why our design team is dedicated to creating the impact you need to stand out from the competition. We also understand the capital requirements necessary to get your restaurant off the ground, so we’ve invested in the latest technology and precision equipment to create the impact you need, while maintaining your budget


In the corporate world you expect professionalism and service. Whether you’re working your way through a merger or a re-location, our mission is to be there, on time, with your new signage. Whether it’s the 1st story or the 51st, 1 location or 10, we have the experience to see you through the transition!

Gas Stations

The petroleum industry is an incredibly competitive market. Without a distinct price advantage, distinguishing your location from your competitors takes aggressive marketing. Through the use of digital displays and electronic gas price changers, we can provide a sign solution that will drive customers to your store!

Parking Lot Pole Installation & Repair

Provide service to locate private and public underground wiring

Provide underground directional boring services

Installation of new light poles and new bases including cages, sonotubes and wiring

Removal & Replacement of damaged light poles

Troubleshooting: Tracing, Locating & Repairing underground faults (shorts & line breakage)

Our Projects

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